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November 30, 2017by Shamis & Gentile P.A.

Accidents that produce personal injury are common occurrences and can leave an injured victim in a very difficult situation. Many times the injuries are very serious and the victim’s entire life is disrupted, including creating problems for the family when the injury impacts their personal transportation or the ability to earn a living. And, this is not to mention the medical bills and level of pain-and-suffering that many accident injury victims must endure. Regardless of the type of accident that causes a personal injury, it is the responsibility of the claimant to prove the accident was the fault of the respondent, most of which will require an experienced accident lawyer like our legal professionals at South Florida Injury Attorneys accident lawyer in Miami FL.

Auto Accidents

The most common type of personal injury accident claims are auto collision. Car wreck cases can be very complicated and strongly defended when injuries are serious and the respondent insurance company thinks they can lessen or completely avoid paying a claim. Duty of care and negligence are vital to being properly compensated for car accident injury, which can never be accomplished without having an experienced and aggressive accident attorney representing the case.

Premises Liability Accidents

Accidents that cause injury on personal or commercial property are also very common and are subject to the same rules of proof as auto accidents. Authorized access to the property is always a component of these claims, in addition to duty of care and negligence. These too can be complicated claims that are strongly defended, and all injured claimants need legal counsel that understands what to expect from the defense, especially if there is an insurance company involved.

Defective Product Accidents

Many personal injuries occur due to product defects, including auto parts malfunctioning. This is a common component of an auto accident and can result in an additional separate lawsuit against the parts manufacturer. Product liability claims are a special class of suit because the plaintiff accident lawyer is not required to prove negligence. However, these case are still difficult and always require experienced legal representation.

Medical Malpractice Claims

Medical malpractice claims may be the most difficult of all personal injury claims because doctors receive a significant level of professional respect from the court system. They are actually considered expert testimony. It always takes solid aggressive legal counsel to win a medical malpractice case because of strong defense. But, it should be noted that all doctors carry excellent malpractice insurance and the potential for equitable damages may be readily available.

Contact a Miami Accident Lawyer

Anyone is Florida who may have standing for a personal injury accident claim should contact South Florida Accident Attorneys accident lawyer in Miami for a free full evaluation of the accident injury claim damage potential.

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