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At the request of the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the pharma giant Allergan has recalled their breast implants with BioCell texture as their link has been established with a rare kind of lymphoma, that is the BIA-ALCL or the Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma which makes the nature of the cancer quite […]

Telemarketing robocalls have been a major matter of botheration for people since the 1990s. People used to receive (and they still do) telemarketing calls regarding services, many times services that were irrelevant to them. This included mostly financial products cold calling and calls to open bank accounts. However, with the progress of technology, services have […]

Reports of confusions among women with implants have been distributed in restorative journals and examined at open FDA gatherings. There are various short-term and long-term changes that women contemplating getting breast implants or about expelling or supplanting more seasoned implants should know about. This article discusses the link between breast implant side effects and cancer. […]

Breast implant illness symptoms like brain fog, fatigue and hair loss have been reported by several women from all over the world. Breast Implant Illness Symptoms Reported symptoms include fatigue, brain fog, hair loss, headache, sleep disturbances, photosensitivity, chest pain and many more. There have been reports of various other kinds of troubles like fibromyalgia, […]

Spam text messages are unwanted and unexpected text messages that are usually meant to defraud the receivers. If you think that someone is sending you spam texts from another phone, then you might be mistaken. Generally, spam messages are sent via computers, without costing anything to the sender. The cases of spam text messages are […]

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