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Veterans have put their life on the line for fighting for the nation. However, many institutions across America, especially big companies and corporations do not take their issues seriously which is indeed sad. Here is a case of a veteran who had to suffer from permanent and significant hearing loss because the 3M military earplugs […]

Receiving unwanted car dealership spam text messages during the day can be annoying and disturbing. These messages clog up phone space and in some cases might also lead to unwanted charges. Telecommunication messages are an easy way to attract business and potential customers. However, unwanted telecommunication messages harass the receivers as they act as an […]

Veterans all over the U.S. are filing lawsuits against the manufacturing giant 3M for providing them with combat arms earplugs that had a flaw in their design. The earplugs have caused hearing problems in all those who used them. The 3M hearing loss lawsuit alleges that the manufacturing company sold the faulty earplugs to the […]

There is a rise in situations where customers like you are paid very less as compared to the amount you are entitled to in the total loss car claims. An ongoing class action lawsuit asserts that Progressive comes up short, in comparison to your overall compensation amount, on your accident protection scheme. Total Loss Car […]

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