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According to a MarketWatch report based on data collected from Moebs Services, consumers pay an estimated $34 billion in overdraft fees every year. Unfortunately, the reality is that banks and financial institutions are racking up much of this excessive amount through unfair practices.  Thousands and thousands of Americans are paying overdraft fees on pending transactions and wondering […]

The best way to avoid paying extra for making a mortgage payment online is to empower yourself with knowledge. Mortgage lenders sometimes charge additional fees such as “processing fees” when borrowers pay via an online website and this is often unlawful. If you feel that you are unlawfully paying a mortgage payment processing fee, you […]

Many customers of financial institutions, whether banks or credit unions, are charged overdraft fees on pending transactions. Customers are now seeking to get their hard-earned money back by filing an overdraft fees lawsuit, as they allege the overdraft fees were taken without consent. Not all banks are sued or are involved in litigation, but many […]

Decent health insurance brings peace of mind, especially during difficult times. You need to know more about COBRA notice procedures, as health insurance coverage under COBRA have specific rules that must be adhered to. Employees, spouses, and/or their children are entitled to continued health insurance under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) when they […]

Illegal overdraft fees have become quite a common complaint among credit union customers. The number of complaints has grown to such an extent that several overdraft attorneys are currently building class-action suits against prominent credit unions. Taking advantage of consumers Credit unions offer overdraft facilities as a useful safety net for their customers. However, they […]

There have been numerous complaints, from bank customers and credit union members around the country, about illegal overdraft fees. Numerous legal proceedings have been filed against financial institutions – some of them are major class action suits with hundreds of plaintiffs. While Shamis & Gentile, P.A. are experienced overdraft attorneys and will gladly handle your […]

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