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A wrongfully charged overdraft fee lawsuit might be a possibility for people who were wrongfully charged overdraft fees for debit card buys, ATM withdrawals or other platinum card transactions. Financial account holders who were wrongfully charged an overdraft fee because of the tricky practices of certain banks and credit associations might have the option to […]

Overdraft Fees: A Cash Cow For Banks How Banks Benefit From Overdraft Fees Overdraft fees are the fee that is incurred by banks from customers who overdraw from their accounts. In America, credit culture is mainly responsible for this issue. Many people, for various purposes, but mainly for shopping, overdraw from their bank accounts. However, […]

Boeing Employees Credit Union (BECU)  is a credit union which is situated in Washington. It has roughly 19.6 billion dollars in assets. It is founded in the year 1935, headquartered at Tukwila, Washington United States with Benson Porter as CEO and Michael Sweeney as the chairman of board of directors. The BECU charges about 25 […]

According to a recent class action lawsuit against the Community Bank has claimed that most of the financial institutions are in the game of unethically charging of overdraft fees from the customers. It has also been alleged that the overdraft fees are being charged even when the bank accounts of the customers are having sufficient […]

When you sign up for a bank account, you expect that your bank will be as straightforward as possible when informing us of the policies and programs available. However, some financial institutions may be using deceptive overdraft practices to squeeze the most money out of their customers through NSF Fees or multiple returned items Fees. […]

Have you had it up to your eyeballs with endless bank overdraft fees? These annoying charges always seem to crop up at the worst possible time. But you don’t have to let your bank account remain a prisoner to them. Instead of letting these irritating overdraft fees and returned item fees drain your bank account, […]

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