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Spam texts and robocalls are daily nuisances for many Americans. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is there to protect consumers against the irritation and possible loss that these unsolicited communications can cause. Any individual who deals with spam texts or calls regularly has the right to take legal action and possibly win financial compensation […]

Are you getting fed up with receiving spam text messages? Besides being dreadfully annoying, it is illegal to send reams of unwanted messages without the sender getting your consent. Did you know that in the United States approximately 4.5 billion spam messages are sent to consumers every year, usually containing special offers and services?  Fortunately, […]

If you have received a marijuana dispensary spam text, then you are one of countless people across the country that has been forced to deal with these annoying and sometimes frequent spam texts. Solicitation through spam texts is annoying and potentially unlawful. If you have received a marijuana dispensary spam text, consider the following information […]

Receiving unwanted car dealership spam text messages during the day can be annoying and disturbing. These messages clog up phone space and in some cases might also lead to unwanted charges. Telecommunication messages are an easy way to attract business and potential customers. However, unwanted telecommunication messages harass the receivers as they act as an […]

If you are being harassed by retailers with mass text messages, or spam text coupon ads then you might be secured under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. If you have enrolled your number with the National Do Not Call Registry yet if you keep getting such span text message coupons from dress retailers or eateries, […]

Not The First Case Of Spam Text Advertisements There have been several cases where companies inundating people with promotional spam text messaging as a strategy to gain their attention. However, this strategy severely backfired and the companies were taken to the court of law and tried for harassment. A Brief About The Telephone Consumer Protection […]

Nobody likes spam text. They are annoying, troublesome and put off your mood and when you are working, your flow. Spam comes in various forms such as email spam (the most commonly known), automated call and of course mobile phone spam text messages. These bothersome data rodents crawl their way into way no matter how […]

Marketing calls and spam text messages are a massive nuisance in North America and more so in the US. People had become so fed up that the state had to pass a law called TCPA or the Telephone Consumer Protection Act whereby companies cannot make marketing calls to random people without their consent. And despite […]

Spam text messages are unwanted and unexpected text messages that are usually meant to defraud the receivers. If you think that someone is sending you spam texts from another phone, then you might be mistaken. Generally, spam messages are sent via computers, without costing anything to the sender. The cases of spam text messages are […]