Were you properly refunded sales tax after returning an item?

Sales Tax Refund Class Action Lawsuit Investigation

Individuals who purchased items online are charged sales tax in accordance with the state they are residing in. When an item is returned, the company must refund the sales tax collected. If you purchased an item and later returned it and did not receive your sales tax back you may qualify to join a class action lawsuit investigation.

Did your refund include sales tax?

When you purchase most items, you are charged a sales tax. Sales tax differs from state to state and may be higher on general merchandise. Certain foods, drugs, and medical devices come with a one percent sales tax. In most cases, when you change your mind about a purchase and return an item, your refund amount should include the sales tax you paid.

If a retailer ignores sales tax refund laws and refuses to refund the sales tax, you may have grounds for legal action. Contact Shamis & Gentile, P.A. by filling out the contact form on this page as you may qualify to join a FREE class action lawsuit investigation.

Were you properly reimbursed with sales tax after returning an item?

Numerous consumers have experienced unlawful denial of sales tax refunds when returning a purchased item.

What is the sales tax return problem?

  • A consumer makes a purchase from a retailer.
  • The consumer changes his or her mind about the purchase.
  • The consumer returns the item to the retailer for a refund.
  • The retailer issues a refund for less than what the consumer originally paid.
  • The difference between the original amount paid and the refunded amount involves the sales tax amount.

Why do retailers fail to refund sales tax?

When a retailer has stores in multiple locations and a customer returns an item to a store other than where the original purchase was made, there may be discrepancies in how the refund is calculated. Within a state or from state to state, sales tax rates can vary. Some retailers do not have a system in place to account for purchases made in locations with different sales tax rates.

Was there a class action lawsuit for failure to return sales tax?

A class action lawsuit was brought against Wal-Mart in 2015 for repeated failure to refund sales tax at the applicable rate due to this issue.

Do states differ in retail return policies?

Each state can set its own policies for retail returns. In Illinois, retailers can set their own return and refund policies. If you meet the retailer’s requirements for a refund, the retailer must refund the sales tax amount along with the refund for the item. If you do not return the item within the stated refund period or meet other posted return requirements, the retailer may not be obligated to refund the cost of the item or the sales tax amount.

What can I do if sales tax was not properly refunded?

Timely action is paramount to rectifying sales tax refund issues. While in the store, make sure to bring the issue to the retailer’s attention. You may need to ask for a supervisor or manager to intervene.

If the retailer refuses to refund the full sales tax amount, the next step is to file a formal dispute. Include a detailed description of the error, a copy of any relevant receipts, and your contact information. Send this letter to the company’s billing address and be sure to get tracking information. If you do not receive a response or if the response is unsatisfactory, fill out a form on this page for a free consultation.

Sales Tax Refund Class Action Investigation Consultation

If you have been denied a refund of sales tax or know of a retailer who withholds sales tax refunds on returned items, call to schedule a free consultation with one of our consumer law attorneys. Fill out the contact form on this page to join a FREE sales tax refund class action lawsuit investigation.

Sales Tax Refund

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