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The widespread use of mesh during hernia repair procedures came about because hernia repairs without the supportive mesh will need repeated in 20% of the surgical patients. Another reason is that traditional hernia repair surgeries with just sutures need to be performed in an open procedure instead of the less invasive laparotomy procedure that the use of mesh typically allows. In recent years, surgeons have noted a much higher rate of hernia mesh failures that are resulting in large monetary hernia mesh lawsuit settlements currently being awarded to affected patients.

Physiomesh Lawsuit

Individuals that believe that they have just cause for filing a hernia mesh lawsuit in Florida should seriously consider a no-cost consultation with a premier hernia mesh lawsuit settlements attorney practicing in the Miami region. These surgical mesh products, like physiomesh, fail due to a number of reasons. Usually, there is a defect in the product that can only lead to its failure at some point. Surgeons are cautioned to only use a minimal amount of mesh to avoid the chances of future hernia mesh failure.

Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Settlements

People desiring to know more regarding the specifics on getting a portion of any hernia mesh lawsuit settlements in the Florida court system are urged to speak with the reputable hernia mesh attorneys working at Shamis & Gentile, P.A. Prospective clients get a free in-depth analysis of their personal case. Some of the symptoms that point to a possible mesh failure at the hernia site include the following:

  •    Fever, Chills, Shaking
  •    Hernia Site or Area Pain
  •    Reddened and/or Streaked Skin
  •    Hard Lump at Surgical Site
  •    Nausea, Vomiting and/or Digestive Problems
  •    Infection at Surgical Site that May Spread and Could Progress to Sepsis
  •    Hot to Touch
  •    Bowel Obstruction
  •    Recurrence of Hernia and/or Mesh Migration
  •    Inflammation, Bloating

Miami Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Settlements Attorney

Any post hernia repair with mesh patient noting any of these symptoms should follow up with their medical team and contact a qualified Miami hernia mesh lawsuit settlements attorney for assistance in this complex legal process. Call a committed law firm like Shamis & Gentile to review your potential for a favorable hernia mesh lawsuit in a Florida courtroom.  There are court mandated filing time constraints. Phone 305-479-2299 to make a consultation appointment today.

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