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October 23, 2017by Shamis & Gentile P.A.

Why You Should Hire a Miami Accident Lawyer

Are you considering representing yourself after an automobile accident to save money? Consider 3 reasons why you should hire a Miami Car Accident Lawyer instead.

Recovering Physically

Car accidents not only cause physical injury, but many suffer emotionally as well. It is usually unwise to make important decisions when you are emotional or injured. If you are suffering from drastic feelings of frustration, you might want to hire someone else to represent you in a court of law. Someone recovering in a hospital might be more likely to take the first settlement offer they are presented, while a Miami Car Accident Lawyer will have a better idea and understanding of a realistic settlement offer that will benefit you long-term. Your Miami Car Accident Attorney can negotiate a better deal while you recover from your injuries.

Numerous Hearings

Bringing a law suit against requires active litigation, that could mean multiple mandatory hearings at the courthouse. Your Miami Car Accident Attorney can represent you during the initial procedural hearings. Usually, an Auto Accident Lawyer will have special access to judges and prosecuting attorneys, which you don’t have. Law firms also have numerous resources that can help with preparation of the cases. Two heads are better than one. Experienced Personal injury Lawyers can identify important points that you might miss.

Legal Expertise with a Miami Accident Lawyer

Your Miami Personal Injury Attorney’s know the law. We understand the legal process and have the experience to help you get financial compensation for your pain, suffering, property damage and/or injuries. Accident Lawyers also know what members of the jury are looking for if you case goes all the way to trial. Using their knowledge and experience, your Miami Car Accident Lawyer will help you weight the pros and cons of each settlement officer made by the adverse party helping you make an informed decision that best fits your needs.

Contact a Miami Accident Lawyer – South Florida Injury Attorneys

When you need a Miami Car Accident Attorney to represent you, turn to the Law Firm of Shamis & Gentile P.A. You can call us at 305-479-2299 to discuss your case. You increase your chances of a successful resolution, by hiring an experienced Miami Injury Lawyer.

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