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What are IVC Filters?

IVC (Inferior vena cava) filters are intended to provide a safe method for the prevention of blood clots (pulmonary embolism).

IVC Filters are medical devices that are inserted into the vein to capture these blood clots traveling to the lungs.  There have been concerns raised by the FDS in regards to IVC filters since August 2010.

What IVC Filters have been recalled?

There are many brands that are being reviewed for potential recovery against, among the most common being Bard G2 IVCfilter, Bard Recovery IVC filter (manufactures of the Eclipse brand IVC filter) and Cook IVC filter (manufacturers of the Celect brand IVC filter and Gunther Tulip filter).  These companies failed to adequately warn about the risks of the problems and negligently designed a defective and unreasonably dangerous IVC filter.   It is our opinion that the manufactures will ultimately be forced to pay substantial financial compensation to resolve these cases.

Can IVC Filters cause life-threatening complications?

Potential severe and life-threatening complications resulting from IVC filters include the following:

  1. Punctures of Internal Organs, Veins or Arteries,
  2. Fractures or Broken Filter Components
  3. Tilting or Migration of the Filter
  4. Difficulty removing the IVC filter
  5. Injury to Heart, Lungs, or other Organs
  6. Wrongful Death

Recently been the victim of a defective IVC filter in Florida?

We all know that experiencing side effects or symptoms related to a defective IVC filter can have dangerous and life-threatening consequences. Shamis & Gentile is an injury lawsuit lawyer firm in Miami, Florida, that investigates potential cases for individuals who have had problems related to small medical devices implanted to the inferior vena cava to prevent blood clots.

With years of experience in the litigation and settlement of claims regarding IVC filters problems, our team of skilled and trusted injury lawsuit attorneys distinguishes itself because of its ability to successfully handle virtually mass tort case.

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