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When you are in an Active duty military part in battle zones, you will for the most part be given unique earplugs to assist you with protecting from hearing damages or other sound-related issues. At the point when you are in the military, particularly in battle zones you will be exposed to extremely loud noises […]

Faulty dual ended combat arms earplugs led to hearing loss in many veterans, plaintiff Steven M. being one such Wyoming veteran, who filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District court. Steven mentions 3M and Aearo Technologies LLC as the defendants. Aearo technologies was the original manufacturer of the faulty dual ended combat arms earplugs. Even […]

Veterans in US suffer hearing loss and files lawsuits against the defective Combat Arms earplugs provided by the 3M Corporation to the US military. To evade the whistleblower allegations of selling defective earplugs to the Defense Department, the Minnesota based company went for a settlement of £ 9.1 million to the US Department of Justice […]

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