Hazards on Florida roadways can create the potential for serious motor vehicle accidents accompanied by equally serious injuries. Road hazards may consist of physical hazards, such as defective road conditions at constructions sites, as well as hazardous drivers. When drivers fail to abide by the Florida Rules of the Road or otherwise fail to drive in a reasonably safe and careful […]

Car accidents can be devastating if someone is seriously injured. Common accident injuries may include broken bones, internal injuries, head trauma, facial injuries and more. These accidents often require lengthy hospital stays followed by grueling rehabilitation treatments. Since the injured person is usually not able to work during this stressful time, the accident victim has […]

Receiving a fair settlement from an auto insurance company is never a one-step procedure. In fact, most fair settlements are the result of constant back-and-forth negotiations between a Miami car accident lawyer and the insurance claims adjusters. If you have received a seemingly unfair accident settlement, you are not required to accept that settlement. It is […]

When a person is involved in a Miami car accident, they often feel sore afterwards.  Even more often, they feel pain in their neck or their back. These are common injuries. But sometimes accident victims experience head pain following an accident. This can be because they hit their head during the accident on a steering wheel […]

Miami Car Accident Lawyer Shamis & Gentile Discuss The Dangers of Distracted Driving As educated Miami car accident lawyer at Shamis & Gentile, P.A. we know that driving while distracted can lead to serious injuries and even death. The last year for which relevant data is available is 2012, and in that year 3,328 Americans […]

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