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Serious car accidents can result in permanent and painful injuries and damages that can require long-term care and medical treatments. Although car accidents usually strike in a fraction of a second, the injuries and chronic back pain resulting from these accidents have the potential to last a lifetime. If you or someone you love suffered […]

Medical providers, such as chiropractors, are routinely being taken advantage of by their patients’ personal injury protection (PIP) insurers (State Farm, Progressive, Geico and USAA). For instance, many insurance companies are underpaying, paying incorrectly, or completely refusing to make payment altogether. Do not give up on making sure your bills are paid correctly. Contact an […]

Often articles such as these really provide a misconstrued perception of personal injury protection benefits (or “PIP”). Insurance companies perpetuate this idea that PIP is rife with fraud and that the elimination of PIP would somehow be beneficial to the individual policy holder, throwing numbers like “80 dollars a premium would be saved” without any […]

Miami Personal Injury Lawyers – Dog Bite Liability Some people say that a dog is man’s best friend, but sometimes that best friend bites you so hard that you end up in the hospital. This is not an exaggerated scenario, nor is it an infrequent problem in Florida. Every day, approximately 1,000 Americans need emergency […]