The Text Message Lawyers, Shamis & Gentile, P.A. have been making headlines as we aggressively file suits against companies who are blatantly violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by sending ringless voicemail transmissions and unsolicited spam text messages to consumers all throughout the nation. Below are some of the articles featuring our firm in the […]

Telecommunications technology has blurred the lines between phones and the Internet. Voicemails, emails and text messages are starting to resemble one another. A prime example is the no ring voicemail. How does ringless voicemail (RVM) work? New No Ring Voicemail Technology You might receive a ringless voicemail. Ringless voicemail marketing involves the use of server to […]

Have you received voicemails when your telephone didn’t even ring. Did you wonder about what just happened? Perhaps, these were Ringless Voicemail Drops. What is a Ringless Voicemail Drops technology? Ringless Voicemail Drops Technology Modern technology has blurred the differences between telephones and the Internet. You can make calls on the Internet and receive text […]

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